Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bill & Jenny -- Wedding Portraits

My husband Nathan and I just finished our move up to West Point, NY. Boy, has it been hectic! We got all our stuff moved into our house just in time to start Christmas shopping and decorating in any way we could. I've been determined to make this Christmas as "normal" as possible. Now that things are finally starting to settle down I've been able to focus on my photos once again!

Back in September I was given the opportunity to step in for a short while to take photos of my brother-in-law's wedding when the original photographer's camera started giving her trouble. I had such a blast, and it was so wonderful being able to work with two people whom I love dearly!

This is payback from my own wedding. I cannot confirm or deny what is happening here, or whether or not it was my idea!

What a fun group of people!

Two of the best men I know!

Thanks for trusting me to step in, Bill & Jenny. I love you both dearly!